HCDE 502 Professional Preparedness Argument

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Professional Statement:
As an experienced industry professional working as an Interactive Producer, Information Architect and Project Manager I have worked on a wide range of websites, web applications, mobile apps and prototypes. I feel that the knowledge I have gained from the class HCDE 502: Empirical Traditions In Human Centered Design And Engineering will benefit me in my professional career and on the broad range of projects that I work on.

I have expanded my ability to contribute in several phases of a project. In the early phases I am now more comfortable drawing existing research to inform the work we are embarking on. I was excited in the class by the ability to pick the topics of the research papers we evaluated as it also helped show me the breadth of the research that is being done in the world of Human Centered Design and Engineering. I foresee using the skill of research paper analysis to find and share appropriate research papers with my colleagues. I am more adept at searching for and evaluating papers on topics such as research methodology and practical applications of a technology. I also feel I could read reviews of literature that exist to inform my search.

Additionally, I am professionally prepared to help my colleagues understand the qualities of those research papers. I feel that I can share the UBASE criteria with them and also communicate complex topics using humor other visual methods (sketches, cartoons, etc). For me in class a lot of the boundary objects we used helped to reinforce concepts and I feel that I can continue this approach with my clients and colleagues to get a point across.

If called upon to evaluate a particular method of research’s value to our work I feel that I am qualified to give a well reasoned argument for it’s benefits or drawbacks and to construct a quality review of it’s use in several related studies and then share that knowledge with my co-workers.

Together these new skills in the areas of critical research evaluation make me ready to take on additional challenges and bring a new dimension to what I offer my clients and peers.

presentation-1402571808_flat_icons-graficheria.it-01Artifact 1: Slide Madness Presentation – 3 Slides (PDF)
Having previously only a little experience with research in the HCDE field I feel that one of the primary benefits I have gained is my ability to analyze a selection of research papers and then make a selection for further consideration and review. I am no longer intimidated by dense looking journal publications.

pencils-1402571850_flat_icons-graficheria.it-12Artifact 2:
Ethnographic Research Diagram

Research Methods Cartoon

The second skill that I have gained from HCDE 502 is my ability to perform a reflection on the larger concepts that apply to the study and critique of a research paper. We dissected the UBASE technique in class and then I was able to reflect my understanding with found artifacts that communicate via visual diagrams and humor. I can use these same techniques to share ideas and concepts with my colleagues.

1402571770_flat_icons-graficheria.it-11Artifact 3: Contextual Inquiry – Journal Landscape (PDF)
I feel that my methodological critique skills are demonstrated in my ability to conduct a review of a methodology based on information from a range studies. I am particularly interested in contextual inquiry as a method and was pleased to write a paper for project 2 with my group members on our research inquiry into the use of contextual inquiry. We analyzed according to UBASE as well as standards gained from further research on contextual inquiry.