Week 7: Developing for emerging economies – Single Story TED Talk Reflection


Example of a single story from my Life:

The single story that I previously wasn’t even fully aware I had so completely bought into was that there was a certain way that women in technology looked, acted, dressed, etc.  I had bought into the idea that that there weren’t very many of them and that if they were developers they weren’t also interested in things other “girls” like. They were trying to be like the men, or needed to be like men to fit in to participate or be accepted.

This was brought to light for me after going to the Grace Hopper Conference in October of 2014 with 7,500 women in technology.  This conference left an impression on me for the simple fact of seeing so many women of different ethnicities, academic backgrounds, professional focus and ages was a re-writing of that story for me.  Even as someone who has participated in the technology and feminist culture, I am still predominately informed about it through the single story of the media.  To see all these other women changed that story for me and I also got to speak with so many of them at break out sessions and lectures and on the shuttle and in line for coffee and by meeting new people at lunch.  It was a really great experience.

For context, see this article in the New York Times