HCDE 512 – Week 3 – Analyze a “Best Global Website”


I choose to look at Philips.com – the global site.  This was ranked #6 in 2013 in the Web Globalization Report Card.

I would give the site an A+.

Some of the reasons I feel it is a successful site for a global brand are based on the topics that Bytelevel discusses.  Those revolve around:

Global Reach:  The homepage has a very modern up-to-date feel and has a diverse set of photos representing it’s various users.  The content on the homepage for each country is localized to something that would speak to that market, while the global site has a selection of stories and content for a general world audience.

Global Navigation:  The site is very accommodating to a wide range of countries and languages and features an easy way to switch between the languages.   Using the navigation at the bottom of the site, you can switch to over 60 localized sites.

Global/Mobile Architecture:   The site is desktop and mobile friendly with a very use to use menu appearing from the “hamburger” in the mobile view.  The mobile menu still allows you to change your language/country from here as well.

Localization / Social:  The localization takes into account the multiple official languages of some countries and offers more than one language, depending on that country’s requirements (like French and English for Canada).  In the lower left area of the home page there are links to the various social media sites. These are also customized for the popular social media of the country (Netherlands having a LinkedIn icon, whereas the USA does not is an interesting one I noted).