HCDE 512 – Week 9 – Motivation Exercise

1. What motivates – a.       A recent college graduate in computer science in the US? In China? Challenging work, meaningful work, a sense of belonging and security. I would say this applies to both the students, though the student in China will have more family […]

Process Book – Week 7 – Reading Notes & Comments

ARTICLE 1: The Washing Machine that Ate My Sari – Mistakes in Cross Cultural Design “An emerging market is generally defined as one that has not yet fully developed but that has a middle class vital enough to attract goods and services from developed—and increasingly […]

HCDE 512 – Week 6 – Machine Translations & Poetry

I conducted an analysis of how well the machine translation engine translated and communicates the concepts of my poem in the target language. I do not fluently speak another language, so I first translated a poem into French since I have familiarity with that language. […]

HCDE 512 – Week 6 – Bellos on Translation

IS THAT A FISH IN YOUR EAR?  READING NOTES PG 157 – “Language and a culture are so closely bound together as to be one and the same thing”  – For me, this quote is at the heart of arguments about the translatability of the different […]

HCDE 512 – Week 4 – Ethnography on the Edge Presentation

Here are the URLs that I reported on for my group: Uganda:  http://ethnographymatters.net/blog/2012/12/10/instagram-ethnography-in-uganda-notes-on-notes/ Rural China: http://www.fastcompany.com/3010880/slideshow-china-through-the-instagram-lens-of-tech-ethnographer-tricia-wang#1 INSTAGRAM IN FIELDWORK These two women are doing ethnographic research and posting photos and notes on Instragram.  This is a way to capture notes and images and post for review […]